How to Prepare Your RV for Summer Storms

The summer RV season is exciting, but not all of that excitement involves sunny days at the beach. Summer storms are an inevitable part of the summer camping season, especially here in Oklahoma. The following are a few simple steps you can take to prepare your home on wheels for the summer storms ahead.

Protect Your RV Against Leaks

Water leaks often develop over the winter months, but they can cause major damage when summer storms hit. Examine your RV’s roof and caulking to make sure there are no cracks or areas where the caulk is missing. If you do identify cracks or holes, bring your RV to our experts at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City to have it repaired before you hit the road.

Examine Your RV Site for Safety

Your RV campsite can be more dangerous than you expect during a storm. Check to ensure that the trees and shrubs at your campsite are sturdy without loose limbs that could cause damage to your vehicle. Also, check the site for tables, toys, grills, chairs and other items that can become dangerous projectiles when the high winds hit.

Always latch your RV windows, retract your awning and close and lock your storage doors well before the storm is expected to hit.

Always Come Prepared

Every RV should be equipped with a first-aid kit, emergency prep kit and plenty of food and drinks in case of an emergency situation. Always keep nonperishable food items on hand and plenty of drinking water in your RV in case of a severe summer storm.

Let Us Help

Our Leisure Time RV certified RV technicians are professionals at getting RVs prepared for summer travels. Stop in and see us in Oklahoma City to have us look over your vehicle and ensure that it’s prepared for a summer of fun in the sun and rain.

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