Ideas to Treasure All of Your Travels


Every travel experience you have in your RV is one you don’t want to forget. There are tons of ways to create keepsakes that will help you treasure your travels for years to come. These three creative ways to remember each and every journey are ones you should try on your next adventure.

Keep a Postcard Collection

One of the best things about RV travel is that you pass tons of awesome places on the way to your destination. Remember each and every one of those places by collecting a postcard at every one. Place them in a postcard or picture book as you collect them, and at the end of your journey, you’ll have a completed book to browse through in the future. Be sure to write a note on the back of each postcard explaining what made that place so special.

Make Keepsake Boxes

Scrapbooks take a lot of time to assemble, and many travelers simply never get around to assembling them. Instead of creating a scrapbook, create a scrap box. Paint the outside of the box and label it for your destination (such as “California, 2015” or “Mexico, 2016”), then place photos, postcards and keepsakes you picked up along the way inside the box.

Pick Up a Keepsake at Each Destination

Whether you enjoy collecting seashells, samples of sand or stones, these little keepsakes can be a perfect way to look back on each and every trip you take. Write the name of each destination on the exterior of the bag of sand or the rock you acquire, and you’ll eventually amass a large collection of travel keepsakes that didn’t cost a dime.

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