Insuring Your RV

Accidents happen when you least expect them. In an RV, an accident could potentially mean your home is unlivable. It’s important to be prepared for everything, whether it’s weather or bad drivers, so if something does happen to your Oklahoma City RV you’re back on the road again in no time. Below are some tips on what RV insurance can do for you.


After a day of hiking a beautiful mountain, you notice something off as you approach your motorhome. You’re tired and need to relax but a nervous wave sweeps over you. Once you arrive, a broken window greets you and a storm of scattered belongings wait inside. Personal property theft is an unsettling thought but it can happen. Part of your insurance plan covers these types of thefts as well as perhaps the scariest of all, your entire motorhome.


Whether it’s stormy weather or snowy skies, weather has the potential to do quite a bit of damage. Not only can hail dent up your exterior, but also the weight from a heavy snowfall could cause problems on the roof. Aside from Mother Nature, animals could try attacking. Then, the destruction caused by human error is a nightmare possibility all on its own. Insurance will get the motorhome back in working order from these scenarios and more.


If the unthinkable happens and your motorhome is totaled within the first five model years, you will get a new one. Even if you bought used, a reimbursement in the amount of the purchase price, will enable you to purchase a new one. This is an exceptionally pertinent part of the policy to have.

Have you had serious damage or been involved in an accident in your motorhome? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below. Remember, if you have questions about your policy or anything coverage related, give a call or shoot an email over to your insurer for the most up-to-date info.

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