Inventory Highlight: 2013 Prime Time Tracer 2950BHS

We at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma love bringing you the best highlights of the RV inventory we carry. This time, we’re going to talk about the 2013 Prime Time Tracer 2950BHS.

Interior of the Prime Time Tracer 2950BHS

Just looking at the interior, you can tell that this RV is luxurious. It has a white exterior and blackberry interior that looks inviting. It can sleep up to nine people, making it ideal for larger groups that want to travel. It can tow up to 5,942 pounds at a time.

With an MSRP of $36,756, the Tracer 2950BHS gives you a real bang for your buck. This ultra-light weight RV is towed by your truck or van, and it has extra deep slides for wider spaces you can enjoy.

This travel trailer is 31′ 8″ long, and it’s designed to make an impression when you stop at your local (or any) campground. The kitchen has a full oven and stovetop, large sink, and a microwave built in. A full U-shaped kitchen seating area is comfortable and large enough to seat everyone for dinner. Leather seats grace the walls, and large beds sit to the back of the trailer for your guests (or yourself).

The overall style of the trailer looks classic but modern, making it a calming atmosphere ideal for those long hauls. This trailer is a great choice for those looking to start RVing or those who want to upgrade to a larger unit.

If you’re interested in looking at this unit, come by Leisure Time RV. We would love to show you this RV and other stock units that you may be interested in, and we’ll make sure it has everything you need to stay happy and comfortable while you’re traveling with friends and family on the road.

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