January Featured Products

As we start a new year, many people are looking to ways to make their life better. One way to put that thought to use is in your Oklahoma City RV. It’s already the best way to travel, so why not put love into it? The better time you have, the more you’ll want to stay and, who knows, maybe you’ll become a full-timer. Before we jump ahead of ourselves, take a look at the featured products.

Wrap It Up

Coil N WrapIf you are a full-timer, or have multiple travelers aboard your motorhome, you might be falling into the spider webs. Especially if you’ve brought aboard all your digital gadgets, there might be cords everywhere. While this can get annoying and perhaps intrusive, there is no need to let it bother you. Tie up those wayward cords with buckle straps by Coil N Wrap. They are specifically designed to be wound tightly and stick together. Some can be kept in extreme temperatures for extra durability. They are even color coordinated to not be seen or stick out for fun.


Collapsible Colander If you plan on putting your RV kitchen to use, you would really enjoy the collapsible product line. It’s perfect for the motorhome because it is a great space saver. How much more room would you have in your cabinets if everything in them would squish and go compact? You would never have to leave something behind, that’s for sure. Some of our favorites include measuring cups, colanders, drainers, bowls, cutting boards, and scrap bins. The materials these products are made of make clean up a breeze and storage a cinch.

How will these products benefit the feel inside your new or used RV? Find these and more in our catalog and let us know in the comments which ones work best for you!

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