June Features


Leisure Time RV is all about having fun. Pack up your Oklahoma RV and let’s go see all 50 states with our new journal! This is a must have for any motorhome enthusiast. We have all wanted to see the 50 states in our lifetime. Life is an adventure and its not the destination we reach that’s the most satisfying part, it’s our journey along the way. Why not write it down? Treasure those precious memories by taking a trip back through them and share them with your loved ones. This journal will help you record your travel experiences while adding interesting quirky facts throughout America. What will you discover on your journey through all 50 States?

Make your first journey out with your new motorhome a hit with your basic needs. The Deluxe Premium starter kit is essential including items to make sure your first trek out is a positive experience. The kit includes: One 4 pk toilet tissue, one ½” X 25’ drinking water hose, one 10’ drain hose with straight hose adapter, one 30/15 amp electrical adapter, one bubble level, dry RV Trine packets, one brass water regulator and one bag of RV disposable RV Dump gloves.

The Vacation’R 18 is a nice, light-weight room addition you can attach from your awning. You will find the set up fast and easy with a one-piece complete room design with both front and side panels being all one piece. There are no poles or rafters to hassle with. The side panels attach to the roller tube with a straps and clip system. No need to drill holes, the side panels fasten to the awning rail slot eliminating permanent brackets or fasteners. Worried about water pooling? This is never an issue since the water dump feature works on Carefree 12v awnings. This product comes with a tote style bag for easy storage.

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