Keep In Motion

Long drives across country in your Oklahoma City RV can be full of activities such as discovering old cities and feasting your eyes on scenic views. This makes RVing a beautiful option but it can take its toll if you’re the one doing the driving. It’s important to remember that keeping your limbs in a sedentary position for too long can be harmful. Here are some options for the driver to keep the blood pumping without causing delays.


Consistent driving keeps your legs locked in the same spot, even if you’re using cruise control. The area is not enough to offer space for a good stretch or perhaps even a comfortable resting position. To avoid stiff joints or achy muscles, make sure to stop at least every three hours. There are easy ways to get movement fast to get back you on the road. One is called the tree pose, which is a yoga exercise available at all levels. Just stand up, put your left foot against the side of your right knee and put your hands together above your head. Hold the pose for ten seconds and then reverse. The other is a simplified version of the lunge, which can be done just as quickly and will loosen you up. Place your hands on your hips and step forward with your right foot and then bend your knee as if you were going to kneel. Hold for just a few seconds and then step forward with your right foot. This will stretch your hamstrings as well as work out your knees.


Even if you have your motorhome in cruise control, your arms still have to stay in position to steer. The relentless upright hold increases pressure on your fingers, elbows, and wrists. Luckily, you won’t have to pull over to get blood flowing in your hands and fingers. First, roll your wrists three times in each direction. Next, stretch one arm at a time out straight and point your fingers up. Keep them that way for about 5 seconds then the same amount of time for downward.

How do you keep active while going the distance in your OKC motorhome? Let us know your tips for keeping the body moving in the comments below!

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