Keep These Items in Your RV in Case of Emergency


The RV lifestyle is all about adventure and relaxation, but it’s also necessary to be prepared in case of emergencies on the road or at the campsite. The following items are ones that you should keep in your RV at all times to reduce your stress in times of need.

A First Aid Kit

This one is a no-brainer. As with all types of travel, it’s important to carry a first aid kit when you hit the road in your RV. You can purchase a pre-made first aid kit from our Leisure Time online parts store or create your own with adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, scissors, ointment packets and other emergency-related necessities. The American Red Cross website offers a complete list of items you should include in your first aid kit.

A Basic Tool Kit

Keep a basic tool kit with screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, a wrench, a saw, locking jaw pliers and other tools in your RV. Even if you’re not handy with tools, someone else may be able to use them to help you in a time of need.

An Emergency Food Supply

Always keep a selection of simple foods, such as canned soups, ready-to-eat meals, pasta, or packaged snacks, on hand in case of an emergency. A small stock of items can keep you and your family safe and healthy if you come across inclement weather or another event that disrupts your travel schedule.

Spare Sleeping Bags

Stock your RV with sleeping bags and spare blankets — even if you’re headed to a warm-weather destination. Weather is always unpredictable, and many warm-weather destinations are susceptible to hurricanes and severe storms that may cause evacuations. If you’re evacuated to a colder destination, you’ll be prepared with a supply of sleeping bags for your family.

Find Your Emergency Supplies at Leisure Time

Log onto our Leisure Time RV online parts store to browse our huge selection of RV parts and camping supplies. We’re stocked with everything you need to feel prepared on the roads this summer.

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