Keeping Your Oklahoma RV Organized

Traveling down the road in your RV this summer? Maybe it’s a little more chaotic than you remembered from the last time you took it out on a road trip? That happens, especially if you store your new or used Oklahoma RV in a self-storage garage three quarters of the year. There are ways to get things organized and keep them tidy, whether your RV is at home in the driveway, in storage, or on the road.

One of the biggest and best ways to stay organized in your RV is to make sure everything is clean and put away in a nicely labeled cabinet space. This way, no matter who travels with you or who does the dishes on the road, everything goes back nice and clean where it was taken from. If you happen to take a few games on the road, packing them in a plastic seal-able tub not only makes for convenient storage of the games, but makes it easier to either store them with the RV when the trip is over or unpack them and bring the whole tote into the house at once. This can be done for everything from dirty clothes that didn’t make it to a laundromat on the road, to foodstuffs that you want to take out of the RV.

Clean your RV out at every rest stop. Take out the trash so it doesn’t clutter the space you have inside. Don’t take anything with you that you really don’t need, and if you can stop and get it on the road, all the more reason not to bring it in the first place. Maps, directions, and brochures to places you want to go and see should always be within reach of the driver and co-pilot.

If you’re not sure about these ideas and would like to explore more on how to get your RV organized and road ready, consider attending the RV shows or see your local Oklahoma RV dealer for more ways to build more storage into your RV. Upgrading to a new or used Oklahoma RV might also prove to be invaluable, especially if your kids are older or you travel with more than just a few family members at a time. Being able to accommodate extra bodies also means being able to accommodate more stuff an having to organize it in a way that doesn’t drive everyone crazy while traveling.


Get the most out of your RV and still have fun. Check us out and see what you can accomplish with a little RV space or A LOT!

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