Leisure Time RV Offers RV Financing


Starting your dream RV lifestyle doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be expensive. Here at Leisure Time RV, we offer a number of financing options to our customers, so they can spend more time on the road exploring and less time worrying about their wallets. The following guide will help you determine if you should finance and explain how we make financing easy.

Should You Finance?

Financing an RV isn’t for everyone, but it’s a useful option for travelers who want to maintain personal financial flexibility. Instead of liquidating all of your assets to use cash, you can keep them and make payments in a stress-free manner. In fact, your new RV may even qualify for many of the same tax benefits as a second home mortgage. For some, financing an RV may be the best option, even if they’re able to sell their current assets and buy one.

Why Finance with Us?

Leisure Time RV is an RV lending specialist. This means we can achieve lower down payments and longer financing terms. Financing with an RV lending specialist means you’ll likely be able to provide a down payment in the 10-percent range. Additionally, it’s not rare to find 15 to 20-year repayment schedules with low monthly payments when shopping with an RV lending specialist.

Even better, your RV may actually cost less if you finance your purchase. And because you’re not forced to use your financial assets to purchase your RV, you may be able to put them toward other ventures and investments.

Start Shopping Today

Here at Leisure Time RV, we understand the pros and cons of financing an RV as well as purchasing one outright. Our goal is to help you reach the decision that works best for you.

Log online or stop in and see us to view our massive selection of new and used RVs and to take another step toward your dream RV lifestyle.

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