Make Your Next RV Road Trip the Best One Yet

Whether you are taking a short weekend trip, a two-week vacation or a longer trip, knowing some tips and tricks can make your trip more relaxing and fun. Since running errands, such as filling the water tank and propane tanks, or grocery shopping, is not most people’s idea of fun, you can minimize those trips by taking a few extra steps.


Before you leave, make sure the fresh water tank and the propane tanks are filled. If you are staying at a location with water hookups, you don’t need to worry about the water tank – but don’t forget to test the water hose. Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any items that might need to be replaced, including a water hose.

Plan Meals

Plan your meals before you go. That way, you can pack everything you’ll need – at least for a week – and won’t have to worry about shopping. Remove meat from the grocery store packages and pack it in serving sized freezer bags – you’ll get more in the freezer. A serving size is one serving for the entire family.

Pack a cooler. Put the meat for the first three days in a cooler full of ice. This way, you can pack more into a small RV freezer. If you pack the meat while it’s frozen, it will stay in the cooler for four to five days as long as you keep plenty of ice in it. Of course, if you have a residential fridge, you won’t have to worry too much about space.

Saving Propane

Turn off the gas hot water heater when you are not using it – this saves on propane. When you are ready to wash dishes or take a shower, turn the hot water heater on about 20 minutes ahead of time. While the pilot light doesn’t use a lot of propane, firing up the burner to keep the water hot while you’re not using it takes a lot of gas.


Save toilet paper rolls and the lint from your dryer. Keep the toilet paper rolls in a gallon zipper bag. As you pull the lint and the dryer sheets from the dryer, stuff the toilet paper rolls with it. These make excellent fire starters and you won’t need lighter fluid – unless you are in a big hurry to get a campfire started. If you pile smaller twigs on top of one of the stuffed paper rolls, then kindling on top of that, you’ll have a fire going in no time.

Saving Water

If you have the space in your basement storage, bring a couple of 7-gallon water tanks and a clean funnel. If it rains, tilt one side of the awning so that the water runs off one side. Set the funnel into one of the water tanks. Aim the flow of water into the funnel. You can use this water for washing dishes, rinsing off mud and sand, putting out a camp fire or anything else. You can also put it into the water tanks for showers – just boil it before you drink it.

Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any accessories and necessities you might need. Don’t forget the chemicals for the black water tank, lighters, cleaning supplies and other necessities.

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