Making The Drive Fly

This week, many of our Oklahoma City RV family and friends will be preparing to depart in every direction for Thanksgiving. Knowing that a great reunion waits at the end of the drive is enough to keep you pumped, no matter the distance. Even so, there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy the ride and be productive. By the time you arrive, it will feel like no time has passed since you pulled out of your driveway!

Take In The Classics

This one is a treat for the whole family! Putting in an audio book is a perfect opportunity to share your favorite classic story, from Homer to Hemingway, with those you love. Whether you’re towing or riding in a Class A, as long as the volume is up loud enough, there is enough imagination to go around. You can even get the entire Harry Potter series full of whimsical characters and animated voices. Any audio book can be purchased online through iTunes or rented for free from your local library.

Learn Something New

Is there a hobby or idea you’d like more information on? Well, you’ve picked the right opportunity to get it! Any sort of how-to or interest can be found in audio books, just as easily as music. Having all that time on the open road with nothing to distract your mind is a concept that many publishers, such as the Idiot’s Guide series, have caught onto. Once you stop your motorhome, you can match the corresponding book to what you heard for visuals and more guidance.

Parle Un Francais?

Lastly, why not try learning a new language? Most people freely admit that they’d love to be fluent, or at least conversational, in a foreign tongue. These tracks come with easy to understand teachers and repeating exercises that play without you having to look away from the wheel. Having so many language options, there’s bound to be one that sparks your interest. Then perhaps your next trip will be abroad!

These are just a few of our favorite entertaining ways to travel across the city or across the country in our Leisure Time motorhome. What are some of the ways you make your ride feel like a quick flight? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below!

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