March Features

Spring is a great time of year for the RVing world. From all the January and February shows comes an influx of newbies excited to hit the trail come spring. At the same time, those who have had their home-on-wheels in storage for winter are taking off the tarp and opening up for the impending road trips. Then there is everyone else just ready to get on the road again, any time!

If this sounds like you, get prepared to have your camper up to date with these new products for the month of March!

Bucket Starter KitBucket Starter Kit

If you so happen to fall into the newbie category, this one’s for you! Camco put this starter kit together with new beginnings in mind. For your RVing convenience, this 5 gallon reusable bucket comes equipped with a water hose, sewer hose, sewer adapter, drop-ins, toilet tissue, electrical adapter, and an RV wash and wax with sponge to keep the shiny look. All of this is available for only $45.29, what a way to get started on the road for the season!

Toilet RiserToilet Riser

Technology can sometimes go in some very interesting directions. Motorhomes are not left out of this scenario! The innovative people at Thetford Corp have come out with something that is bound to make you want to take a seat. The toilet riser has made that all-important action a tad higher up, by almost 3 inches to be exact! Worried about a fit? This add on was made to fit all flanges!  For the extra comfort, it’s practically a steal at $43.79!

All these items and more for your Oklahoma City RV are available in our catalog. Got a favorite product you’d like to know more about? Have experience with ones similar to what we listed here? Let us know what’s on your mind in the comments below!

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