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As we edge closer to summer, and trips are abound, it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of our catalog. There are so many items that could benefit your RV experience, you would be missing out to not take a look. One of our favorites is the Pop-A series. Not only are you making your camper space more user friendly, you’re also adding extra room!

Pop-A-BowlPop-A- Bowl

Now matter how much cabinet space you have aboard your Oklahoma City RV, there is always a benefit of having a little more. The Pop-A-Bowl is installed under your cabinet or perhaps a shelf and stores your ever handy plates and bowls. You can have it where you want it and enjoy the ease of quick serving for as little as $7.09!


Kill two birds with one stone by having Pop-A-Bag! With this, you can put those grocery bags to use while creating space for a more convenient wastebasket. This also means that you’re saving money by not buying expensive trash bags. Easy installation means you can place it over a door, in a cabinet, or off a wall. At $5.19 each, you can get a few!


What could be more helpful than a contraption that expedites your coffee making experience? We elect that nothing could make your mornings as seamless as a filters within grabbing range. They are crumple-free which just alludes to more handiness and when you’re on the road, that adds to happiness. Fill up a whole pack of filters for $8.09!

The Pop-A series is just full of items you’d never think of to make your time on the road just a tad more convenient. Which is your favorite? Do you already have Pop-A products in your motorhome? Let us know which works best for you in the comments below!

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