Meet Oklahoma’s Exclusive Airstream Dealer!


If you’re looking for an Airstream dealer, you won’t find any in Oklahoma except for us. We are the exclusive Airstream dealership in the state and you’ll find many different Airstream floor plans in our showroom. In addition to the Airstream models, you’ll find camping accessories and parts, outdoor accessories and more.

Towing Analysis

In addition to providing you with top-quality Airstream RVs, we’ll do a towing analysis on your vehicle to ensure that you get an Airstream that your vehicle can comfortably tow. If you plan on purchasing a new vehicle to tow your Airstream and you bring us the specs on your new truck or SUV, we’ll let you know how much travel trailer you can tow with it before you buy it.

Class B RVs

If you prefer not to tow a travel trailer, but still want an Airstream, we have two Class B RV floor plans available: The 2016 Interstate 3500 and the 2016 EXT 3500 Grand Tour. Both of these models feature comfortable sleeping quarters for two, a stove, sink, fridge, microwave and bathroom with a shower. You could even tow a small trailer with these Class B Airstream RVs, so you can bring your golf cart or ATV with you on your next trip.

Leisure Time RV Staff

Our friendly staff is here to help you, whether you are buying your first or 101st RV. Our product specialists will be able to tell you about each model; and if you are able to stump them with a question, they’ll find the answer for you.

Our part sales associates, a warranty administrator and service advisers and technicians – all with extensive knowledge on the Airstream RV. For the best service and buying experience, visit Leisure Time RV to walk through several of the Airstream travel trailer and Airstream Class B RV floor plans we have available.

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