Montana’s Ultimate Road Trip

When you’re searching for the ultimate RV road trip for 2016, there’s no better place to look than Montana. You don’t even have to wait until summer to tackle this 180-mile drive from Bozeman to Yellowstone, which offers as much breathtaking beauty in the cold of winter as it does in summer.

Road Trip Details

This easy and scenic cruise starts in the humble college town of Bozeman and continues 180 miles south along U.S. 191 to West Yellowstone. The return trip is just as simple — hop back onto U.S. 191 North and head back to Bozeman and its esteemed ski resorts. However, it’s important to check road conditions online before embarking on this journey in the winter months, because some roads may temporarily close due to snowfall or unexpected weather.

Why Travel in Winter?

Montana’s frigid temperatures steer many travelers away in winter, but those travelers don’t know they’re missing out on some of the state’s best features. Yellowstone National Park offers scenic views of the Gallatin Range blanketed in snow, and few crowds to stand in the way of your photo opportunities.

Winter is also the best time of year to enjoy some of Montana’s favorite outdoor activities, like Hyalite Canyon ice climbing, riding a snow coach to Yellowstone’s Old Faithful Geyser, snowmobiling in the Gallatin National Forest, or tearing up the slopes at Bridger Bowl or Big Sky. Wildlife sightings will also be common along your entire route, so keep your eyes peeled for bighorn sheep, wolves and other awe-inspiring animals as you cruise through the Gallatin Canyon on 191. Montana is a state that doesn’t just try to get through the long winters, it thrives on them.

See Us Before You Go

Before you embark on your ultimate Montana road trip, be sure to stop and see us here at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma City. We’re your one-stop RV shop for new and used RV sales, service, parts, camping supplies and so much more.

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