Must Have RV Accessories

You’ve got your RV packed and ready to go but feel you’re forgetting a couple of “must have” items that will make or break the comfort and convenience of the trip. While there are many accessories that  aren’t required, there are a few that you don’t want to leave home without.

A visit to Leisure Time RV’s online inventory will give you plenty of ideas about things you need to add to your packing list.

  • RV parks vary from place to place when it comes to level areas to park your ride. Invest in a trailer level to take any guessing out of the process of leveling your RV when setting up camp.
  • Include both gardening gloves and disposable gloves on your list. Gardening gloves provide extra grip when working with hookups. Disposable gloves provide a layer of protection when working with sewer hookups.
  • Add a 50-foot extension cord that handles 30amps in case you need it and a spare sewer hose in case of emergencies. Also bring along extra batteries for flashlights.
  • Child gates serve several purposes. Use the gates to create a safe space for children to play or to block them from rooms they shouldn’t be in unaccompanied. They’re also a discreet way to create the illusion of privacy between you and a neighboring RVer. If camping with your dog, these gates will prohibit him from running around the RV by keeping him contained in one area.
  • A crock pot is a must for any kitchen. Prepare your meal in the morning and let it cook all day while you’re out and about enjoying the scenery.
  • Number one at the top of the must have list is an awning. This single item provides much need shade, when necessary, and protects you from the elements. Purchase a custom made awning made of heavy-duty, mildew-resistant fabric, or an electric, retractable model. Add a pair of folding lawn chairs to enjoy the shady outdoor area.
  • If traveling with pets, invest in a quality pet carrier that provides ample room for moving around, more than adequate ventilation, a watering option, and one that can be safely secured inside the RV.

Contact us at Leisure Time RV for all your travel needs. With our years of experience, we’ll have your RV accessorized in a flash and ready to roll.

Photo by Serendigity (Flickr Creative Commons)

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