It’s the time of year for camping out and racing. So why not do both? There are several racetracks during the NASCAR races that offer places to park your camper. If you’re a fan but never have been able to make it to a race, it can be a dream come true. But here are some helpful and friendly tips and advice to get your racing trip off on the right start this season.

There are 3 main factors you must remember before going to a race. Tickets, traveling and lodging. Make sure you have a ticket to get in before deciding to go. Sometimes you can get lucky and they will sell some at the gate. Some races sell out for a certain race years in advance. Know before you go.

It’s also important to know how you will get there. Obviously, here we are talking about traveling in your motorhome. But will you have another means of transportation once you are there? Or will you be content with your RV and have everything you need on site? Make sure you know you will be able to camp at the racetrack. As mentioned before, some of the big races sell out quickly as do the campsites. Either call or visit their websites to view openings and make a reservation.

The website at has a lot of good tips and pointers as well. They even have a printable checklist so you won’t forget anything for your trip. If planned correctly, you will have an amazing time with no issues. Isn’t that what we all aim for on a vacation or planned outing?

Of course, if you find that you need any part, service or accessories for your trip, stop by your local Oklahoma City RV dealer. Check out our huge selection of inventory as well.

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