National Craft Month: Crafting Hobbies You Can Practice in Your RV


Rainy days, long stretches of road in the passenger seat and other times of inactivity are necessary parts of the RV lifestyle. However, you don’t have to feel like rain is the enemy or that those boring moments on the road are such a bad thing. March is National Craft Month, which means there’s no better time to start crafting in your RV than now.

The following three easy-to-learn crafting hobbies will help you make the most of those less exciting moments of the travel lifestyle.


Scrap-booking is one of the most rewarding crafting hobbies you can take up on the road. This hobby helps turn your digital photos, which probably never leave your phone, into a tangible item that can be shared with friends and family. Create a scrapbook for each adventure or keep one ongoing book for all of your RV travels. You’ll be amazed at how well the photos and souvenirs help you recall destinations and experiences.

Knitting and Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are simple hobbies that don’t require an abundance of supplies. In addition to yarn, which you can buy online or at craft stores, you’ll only need to purchase crochet hooks or needles. Both are hobbies that require patience, but they’ll turn those drab moments on the road into hats for friends or a brand-new blanket for your RV.


Decoupage is a hobby that can turn the boring old interior of your RV into a new and exciting place to rest and play. Use cut outs from magazines along your travels to decorate picture frames, boxes, drink coasters and other items inside your RV. All you’ll need, in addition to paper cut-outs, is a special decoupage paste and several layers of varnish to seal your creations and protect them from the elements.

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