National Hot Tea Month

Hot TeaWhat better way to start the New Year than with a nice hot cup of tea? That must have been exactly what the founders of National Hot Tea Month had in mind! From health benefits to reasons of pure bliss, there is always a good excuse to warm your bones with some tea. With flavors and types of every sort, the idea might be daunting if you’re not a normal tea drinker. Here, we’ve provided some tips that are so easy; you’ll make tea time a permanent tradition aboard your Oklahoma City RV.


Perhaps an incentive to those who did not grow up drinking tea would be to help on their resolutions for the year. If getting healthier or losing weight was on your list, this could be the drink for you! Studies have shown that drinking green tea throughout the day contributes to the rate that calories are burned in your body by speeding up the metabolism. Black tea has been proven to help fight against viral infections.

Tea Something New

While many of you know how to boil water, put a tea bag in a cup or pitcher, and let it steep there is more to be had from tea. If you’re used to having regular (black) tea, sweet or unsweetened, don’t let the story end there. There are a world of flavors and possibilities waiting to delight your senses. All kinds of fruits and spices can enrich your drinking experience. Take a walk down the tea aisle at your favorite grocer and you’ll see the wide variety of mixes that are available. Already a big fan? Try recipes where tea is part of the ingredients to infuse your sauces and vegetables with a natural resource.

When was the last time you put on the kettle for a delicious and satisfying beverage? Is there one already waiting for the next trip on your camper? Let us know your favorite ways to enjoy tea in the comments below!

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