New Year, New Places

Finally, it has come at last! Yes, I’m talking about 2013. It’s time to recycle last year’s playbook and get some new ideas flowing. What better way to get your thoughts churning than to step outside and get some fresh air? The best way to get enjoy nature is taking a trip aboard your Oklahoma City RV! There is also no time like the present to plan ahead for a big voyage(s). Here are a few things to consider as you pull out the map and start looking.


So many things can happen in a year; big news, birthdays, promotions, weddings, festivals, and much more. You name it, there’s a reason to travel to it. Not everyone likes to travel for the same reasons, though. Finding out what gets you to gas up the motorhome will help you decide how you want to spend the time on the road. Although it’s impossible to foresee every reason for RVing, there are some that you’re expecting. Planning ahead is a great way to add extra padding in the form of time, which will enable you to take the unbeaten path of discovery.

The New

Are you used to traveling for family get-togethers? Leave a night early and make a stop at a place you’ve never been on the way. This will give you a fun story to relay once you arrive. Only take your motorhome on long trips? Try keeping it local and discover what your own area has to offer. Having the convenience of home behind the wheel doesn’t mean you’re restricted to vacations. Try attending a wine tasting or a festival by taking your RV. Not only will you avoid the rush of traffic on the way out, you won’t have to stand in line to use the restroom!

Do you have some trips planned for your OKC motorhome this year? Let us know what you’re excited about in the comments below!

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