Oklahoma RV Accessibility

Being able to unplug and see nature is one of the reasons RVing has become so popular. Taking your Oklahoma City RV out to experience life on your own schedule is also the reason standard vacations can’t compare to the joys of the road. Even so, if you’re a full timer or just trying to kill time, you might needed the use of technology while you’re out. Here are a couple of ways to be connected when you want to be.


While GPS is easily accessible in a OKC motorhome, there are some things it can’t do. Finding places to stop or searching new areas to travel to is best done through good, old-fashioned research. By research we mean Google, which has really stepped up its game recently as a search engine. You can use sites like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find all the information you need that go beyond maps. In order to use it from the road, you need access to Wi-Fi. Many restaurants and café’s offer this service but it’s not going to matter it you’re miles away from one. Service providers such as Verizon offer internet cards that plug into your computer or laptop’s USB port. There are even options to use it as a network so all of your devices can be connected at 4G!


As exciting and adventurous as the outdoors can be, there are still some shows or documentaries you look forward to. Getting television out in the middle of nowhere from your motorhome may sound daunting but there are options out there for this too! Providers such as Dish Network offer pay as you go plans to avoid the hassle of paying for something you’re not using. After paying for the antenna, plans start as low as $24.99 a month when in use.

Do you like to keep in touch via internet while you’re out on the road? What are some of your favorite service providers? Let us know your tips and comments below!

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