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Those of us in Oklahoma are fortunate to have a great State Park system. Oklahoma State Parks offer a variety of outdoor recreational activities for the RV lover and an amazingly diverse amount of sights and sounds. For those who own an Oklahoma RV, I thought it would be interesting to share of the information about our State Parks through a series of trivia questions. Feel free to try to answer these questions, see how much you know. You may even learn a thing or two!

Here is our Leisure Time RV Oklahoma State Park Trivia Quiz.

How many State Parks are there in Oklahoma?

There are a total of 35 State Parks in the state.

The highest point in Oklahoma is located in this State Park.

Black Mesa is the highest point in the state and it is located at Black Mesa State Park and Nature Reserve. At 4,973 feet high, Black Mesa is located in the Northwest Panhandle of the state. There happen to be about 30 RV type camping sites at this State Park.

What appropriately named State Park gives visitors the opportunity to rent an ATV, or bring your own, to ride through its sand dunes?

That would be Little Sahara State Park in Waynoka. Jeeps and motorbikes are also popular ways to explore the dunes.

How long can one stay at an Oklahoma State Park?

Campers can stay up to 14 days at the same site, but depending on the season, the park manager could grant an extension.

Because of its emerald-tinted water and deep depths, what State Park is known for its water sports and has its own dedicated scuba diving park?

If you like water sports, Lake Tenkiller in Vian is the Oklahoma State park for you. Rocky bluffs and gravel shorelines are a big feature here.Yes, it actually has a separate area set aside for scuba diving!

Oklahoma State Parks are peppered throughout the state. You’ll find them enjoyable lengthy visits or even for a daytrip. Leisure Time RV, your Oklahoma RV dealer believes it important to point out some of the great places to visit right here in our own state. The fall is a great, less busy for time, to visit your state parks. We encourage you to do so!

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