Ouachita National Forest

If you were overly busy last month, you might be looking for both a physical and mental escape this month. There is no better way to get back to the basics than taking your Oklahoma City RV on a mountainous drive for a camping trip. Since you’re leaving, why not just leave the state? A five-hour drive southeast will put you right in the beauty and calm of Ouachita National Forest.


This 1.8 million acre forest is mostly located in Arkansas and near to the famous town of Hot Springs. Established in 1907, Ouachita was first discovered in 1541 by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto and followed up by the French years later who named the spot with their spelling of “Washita” or good hunting grounds. The mountain range here is unique because it’s the only one that runs east and west. Looking for some water? There are watersheds from three rivers including the Arkansas River Valley.


Aside from the typical enjoyment activities at a national forest, there are plenty of unique ways to keep you occupied aboard your motorhome. One favorite of the area is target shooting. Scattered across the area there are five districts open with shooting ranges. Another is best described as rockhounding. For those new to the term, it’s the amateur collecting and examining of rocks or minerals found in nature. There is a wealth of these specimens across the land but the only place you can freely pick stuff up is in the Caddo/Womble Ranger District. There is a high up spot here called Crystal Vista where Quartz can be detected from the remnants of a former mine.

Have you taken your camper to the Ouachita National Forest? Let us know how you enjoyed it and your favorite spots in the comments below!

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