Ozark National Forest

Even though Thanksgiving is officially less than two weeks away, many Oklahoma City RV owners are still planning their next getaway. Whether it be early next year after the holidays or this weekend, there’s never a bad time to hit the road. With that being said, sometimes it’s nice to indulge in nature, which makes having a motorhome especially convenient. So, we’d like to head 4 hours east to the 1.2 million acre, Ozark National Forest.


There are 5 recreation areas across the park that you can park your motorhome at while you’re there. One of our favorites is Blanchard Springs, which is open for overnight stay all year. It’s only $10 a day for the campground and has facilities if you need them. The caverns have a visitor center that is opened daily and stocked with maps and forest experts to answer your questions.


If you want to stay in the same area, the caverns mentioned are one of a few on site that are open to the public. Being inside of the “living” cave would make a great day of exploration! The Leatherwood Wilderness also has caves to seek out but you must get there on foot. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the area. If you’re a fan of spelunking, having the right equipment is something you are already aware of. If you are new to the activity, the visitor center will be able to provide tips and assistance.

Discovery Trail

If you decide to head out to Blanchard for your stay, set aside time for this tour! It takes an hour and a half, but it takes you through the path of the first explorers of the area. You’ll learn how water carved paths on the land and through the caves. To make sure you have the utmost experience, make sure you’re comfortable walking because there are plenty of steps along the way. Also, wear something light yet warm because the temperature is at a steady 58°.

We love any chance head out to Ozark in our motorhome. Have you been? Feel free to share tips and favorite activities with us in the comments below!

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