Places to Travel in 2015

Instead of visiting popular places this year, add some quirky places to your bucket list. Well, some of these may not seem too quirky to some of us, but some are definitely out there. Some of these places are pretty far, so plan your vacations ahead of time to make sure you can get into a great RV park during the time you choose to travel. Some may be booked at the time you decide to travel.

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Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site

Jimmy Wayne/Flickr Creative Commons

Tour the underground console at the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site to see the cold war up close. Located in Cooperstown, North Dakota, the site is a former genuine missile base. Cooperstown is about 90 miles from Fargo. The site is open only from May through September.

A New Kind of Bingo with Chicken Poop

Little Longhorn Saloon has a bingo game called Chicken Poop (expletive removed) Bingo. Really. They said another word for poop, but since this is a family-friendly blog…

On Sunday afternoons, a chicken hangs out on a piece of plywood that is covered with numbered boxes. The boxes are covered with feed and bread. Buy a number and hope that is where the chicken decides to poop. If it does poop on your square, you might win enough money to cover your tab or even order something to eat at Lucy’s Fried Chicken, located just down the road.

Salt of the Earth

Malden, West Virginia has one of the neatest things going for it: a seventh-generation family salt business. The area has natural brine springs that bubble up from an ancient ocean hidden under the Appalachian Mountains. Chef Nancy Bruns’ great, great, great, great grandfather, William Dickinson, took advantage of that and drilled wells to reach the richer brine buried there. Sine the early 1800s, the family has been harvesting salt, though they stopped in 1945. In 2013, Nancy and her brother opened the wells again and have relaunched their ancestors’ salt business. The J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works offer tours as long as you have an appointment.

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