Refreshing Your RV in the New Year!


Photo by (via Flickr Creative Commons)

You’ve made it through the old year and welcomed in the new and you’re ready to get your RV in tip-top shape after it’s been winterized for the season. To get started, keep in mind that, just like a brick and mortar home, an RV will feel fresh and new with a good cleaning, new accessories, and a change in decor.

The first step in refreshing your RV is a visit to Leisure Time RV where our inventory of cleaners and lifestyle accessories will start you off on the right foot.

From the list of cleaners that are designed for thorough cleaning, choose All-Surface Care for stainless steel, vinyl, chrome, and glass; Concentrated Cleaner for road grime, rubber roofs, carpets, and awnings; and Bug-Off that removes unsightly bugs along with tar residue and sap.

Give the RV a good cleaning with Carnauba Wash & Wax that takes care of business in one quick and easy step for the exterior, and Hard Water Spot Remover to handle spots on fiberglass, shower doors, windows, and mirrors. Add a breath of fresh air with the Odor Eliminator for garbage cans and upholstery, and X-Odor Absorber to handle mold and mildew odor.

Finish up with a good vacuuming, cleaning the interior of the stove and refrigerator, dusting and polishing furniture, and cleaning and relining kitchen cabinet shelves.

Now that the RV is sparkling inside and out and smells good, it’s time to plan a few updates to the decor. A “new” look doesn’t need to break the budget. With a little time and creativity, you can dress up the RV for an entirely new look for the upcoming travel season.

  • Add or change the color of the decor with new area or throw rugs.
  • Brighten up the windows with curtains or swags to accent privacy shades.
  • Use solid-color or themed throws on sofas and chairs for a decorative touch. They’re especially nice when there’s a chill in the air.
  • Place colorful throw pillows for visual enhancement.
  • Dress the beds in new linens.
  • Change the theme/design of quilts and comforters with each season.

When shopping for new furniture, carpet, floor protectors, mattresses, beds, kitchen items, table accessories, and more, Leisure Time RV has plenty to choose from. With our help, your RV will exude style and comfort.

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