Road Trip Games

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Road trips in motorized RVs are a little different from road trips in cars or with towed RVs. The kids can sit in the back and play board games or they can nap. While they can nap in a car or truck, it’s pretty hard to play board games or card games – and they surely won’t nap the entire trip. If your vehicle doesn’t have DVD players for the second row seats, then you may want to think of some road trip games.

Once you’ve stopped at Leisure Time RV to pick up accessories and packed up the RV, think of some road games for the kids in the event they get bored with looking at scenery.

Yellow Car

As you’re traveling, the first person to see a yellow car and yell, “Yellow Car!” gets a point. At the end of the trip, you count the points and declare a winner. You can make this game as easy or as difficult as you want by excluding certain vehicles such as busses and taxis. You can see who gets to a set number of points first or just add up the points at the end of the trip.

Memory Game

The first person names something that starts with the letter A. The second person has to say that word, plus add a word for the next letter – in this case, B. The third person has to repeat the A and B word plus add a C word. If a person forgets a word, that person is out. The last person who can remember all of the words is the winner.

You can make this game more interesting or more difficult by making all of the words from one category. For example, fruits, animals, people’s names, etc.

License Plates

Keep track of how many license plates you can find. Try to find one from every state. Keep track of scores to make it more interesting. If you are in Oklahoma, that plate gets one point. If you are in Oklahoma and see a Texas plate, that plate gets two points since that state touches Oklahoma. All other plates get five points; and Alaska and Hawaii plates get 10 points.

Before you head out on a road trip, be sure your RV has been serviced at Leisure Time RV. Also, while you are there, be sure to pick up any accessories you may need for your trip.

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