Road Tripping with Pets

Remember Your Pets This Holiday Season

Photo by Sids1 (Flickr Creative Commons)

Bringing your pet along on vacation can is a satisfying experience. Not only do our cuddly buddies provide endless hours of companionship, their inquisitive nature and desire to explore adds another level of excitement to any trip.

At Leisure Time RV, we’re all about making your short or long-term vacation an enjoyable one for both you and your pet with our selection of pet accessories and supplies. Whether it’s a portable travel pet dish for food or water or the convenient scooper to take care of business, we’ve got you covered at our store.

To keep your pet comfortable, entertained, safe and secure at all times, add these suggestions to your check list.


  • Of course Fifi or Fido want to stretch their legs, but while the RV is on the road it’s best to keep them safe in a secure carrier or kennel that is firmly attached to prevent slipping and sliding.
  • If you’re holding your pup with the window down, don’t let him hang out of the window. Regardless of how snug you’re holding him, an unexpected bump in the road, blown tire, or accident can cause you to relinquish your hold and eject your pet through an open window.
  • Always take your pet for a walk wearing a harness. This is especially true for cats who can easily pull traditional collars over their head. The last thing you want is your beloved pet running loose in a national forest.
  • Never leave pets unattended outside the RV. You’re in unfamiliar surroundings and not-so-friendly wildlife may be close by. If you want him to enjoy some outside time, place him in a wire kennel, double secure the door, and sit with him.

Food and Necessities

  • Do not change your pet’s diet while on vacation. Use the same food and feeding time as home throughout the duration of the trip. Changing diets can result in upset stomachs causing vomiting and other unpleasant issues.
  • Provide plenty of pit stops.
  • Bring an assortment of toys, catnip, and videos designed to keep pets entertained.
  • Purchase a first aid kit for pets.

Contact us at Leisure Time RV for all your needs from a new ride to a service check before you go so the vacation is the best it can be from start to finish.

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