Ruling the Road in Your RV

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The times spent on RV road trips are some of the best times of the year, and here at Leisure Time RV we want to make sure you have the best road trip possible every time. Try these awesome road trip tips on your next RV vacation, and you’ll be certain to have the most incredible RV experience yet.

Make a Checklist

Your RV road trip starts before you even leave the driveway. Get your whole family together to make a list of what you want to do and items you’ll need along the way. You’ll want everything from healthy snacks to a first-aid kit and entertainment for long days on the road. Making a list together will help you be more prepared for your upcoming adventure, and it’ll get everyone excited too.

Use an RV-Specific Route Planner

It may sound unnecessary to use a GPS route planner made specifically for RVs, but you’ll be thankful did when you start questioning if your travel trailer or motorhome will fit under bridges and overpasses. No one wants to back track and lose that much-appreciated time spent out exploring, so map your route with an RV-friendly site, app or GPS system before you hit the road.

Familiarize Yourself with the Campsite

While you may not be too concerned with getting lost at a campsite, your kids may not feel as much at home as you do. When you arrive at the campground, take the time to walk your kids and pets around the RV park to familiarize them with the area. Not only will this make everyone a bit more comfortable for the entire stay, it’ll give you peace of mind that your kids now how to return to the RV if they ever go off on their own. If you’re bringing pets, always be sure the campground allows pets before you make your reservation.

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