Run for the Border

One place we just can’t write enough about is Hot Springs, Arkansas. There is so much enjoyment there that we hear about it from our family and friends often as a place to escape. Keeping in that fashion, we’d all like to escape from time to time so here are some great spots of interest in our neighboring state.

Hot SpringsThe History

We are putting this city at the top, because it is one of the most beautiful places and has an interesting rich history, not to mention it’s many natural wonders. As it’s name suggests, Hot Springs got its name from the naturally thermal spring waters that flow out of the ground here. Native Americans revered this area and its healing waters, naming it “The Valley Of The Vapors,” and held it as a neutral territory for all tribes to enjoy. President Andrew Jackson designated Hot Springs as the first federal reservation, in 1832. Surprisingly, it was also a much loved place by the 1930’s era gangster, attracting such infamous names as Lucky Luciano, Bugs Moran, and even the “godfather” of them all, Al Capone!

The Enjoyment

Besides it’s rich and at times shady history, it’s much sought after hot springs can still be enjoyed today. You can soak in the thermal waters on historic Bathhouse Row, or enjoy them from many other hotels and spas in the area. One of our favorite things to do in Hot Springs is to go hiking in the pine laden mountains and hills found throughout the area. Not only will you enjoy the splendor of the scenery and the crisp cleanliness of the air, but you can also keep a sharp eye out for naturally forming crystals! The world’s finest quartz crystals can be found in Brazil and Hot Springs. If you’re a real rock hound, you can check out one of the many “dig-your-own” crystal mines in the area. No matter what your reason for going, Hot Springs, Arkansas will be one of the more enjoyable places for you to take the family in your motorhome. Aside from all the natural wonders and beauty, there are also restaurants, amusement parks, and other tourist oriented businesses that you would expect to find in most major cities.

So, what are you waiting for? Gas up the camper and head across the border for fun and adventure that you will be sure to remember the rest of your lives! Have you been before? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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