RV Camping Tips For Kids

Camping on your family RV vacation is one of the main reasons you buy or rent an RV from your local Oklahoma RV dealer in the first place, so you can head up to the Ouachita Mountains or Grand Lake O’Cherokees for a weekend and not have to worry about hotels, motels or what to do each day. All you need is a camping spot and camping supplies. However, there are a still a number of things you have to look out for when camping with your new RV Oklahoma, especially when you have kids. Follow some of the tips listed below when it comes to educating your kids about being safe on all your future RV camping excursions.


There are two types of RV campgrounds: public and private. The public campgrounds are usually very inexpensive and allow just about anyone to stay in them. While most of these campgrounds and the people in them are wonderful, wholesome people like you and your family, there are some people out there who are not to be trusted. You need to tell your kids to not go into any stranger’s RV, van or car without you there and to not follow them into the woods alone. This is not meant to scare them, but it is the unfortunate truth in this day and age.


While it’s usually not a good idea to let your kids wander off into the woods alone or without an adult when you are RV camping. However, if they must and you don’t want to restrict them, make sure they take some sort of GPS device with them, so that if they do get lost, they can find their way back to the campsite or you can find them through the device itself. This is integral for their safety, or anyone’s safety for that matter, who is going off into the wilderness.


Most campgrounds will have electrical and plumbing hookups for the RV in the campground space you have rented. Teach your kids how to hook up both the electrical and plumbing lines, so that they can not only help you but know if something is going wrong at the campsite, so that it doesn’t hurt the RV or cause an expensive problem. Salesmen at your local Oklahoma RV dealership can even help teach your kids this lesson when you bring the RV by before your big camping trip.


Due to the fact that many campgrounds are out in the wilderness, it is important you teach your kids to be clean and pick up food and other items when they are out camping. Not only is this good for the environment, but leaving food and trash behind draws flies and predatory animals, which could harm you and your family or at least negatively effect your overall RV camping experience.

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