RV Fuel Economy

When devastating events such as Hurricane Sandy take place, people across the nation can see a ripple of impact. From humanitarian efforts to stock prices, everyone seems to get involved in some way. One of the major price differences can be in fuel. In some places, the price of a gallon of gas is around $5! These times are when RVing is at its lowest. Don’t let gas prices keep you off the road. Here are some tips on how to get more miles from your gallon.


As nice as it would be to pass 100 miles per every hour you’re on the road, it just does not help your tank. Speeding in such a massive vehicle as a motorhome keeps a lot of pressure on your engine. The more pressure, the more fuel is burned. While you may shave precious time off of your driving, you will cut chunks from your trip budget. Set your cruise control in action and enjoy the ride at a more reasonable pace.

Road Ready

On your checklist of trip preparations, getting a thorough run through of your Oklahoma City RV is a must. Having all the fluids in the right place and tires inflated has an impact on the gas. Low tires, low fluids, and gunk in your engine comes out in the gas mileage.

Carry Capacity

Pay attention to your owner’s manual. There is load capacity for each type of RV. That means packing your motorhome to the brim is unwise. There is already more than enough weight as it is without you including the kitchen sink from your standard home. Lighten the load by bringing only the necessities.

Have you been discouraged by the fuel crisis to take your motorhome out? Are you a full-timer who has learned to adapt? Share your comments or suggestions with us in the comments below!

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