RV Living on a Budget


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Have you ever admired an RV traveler and wondered if you could live life on the road too? Many parts of the RV lifestyle may seem too expensive to onlookers, but there are numerous ways to live a mobile lifestyle on a budget too. The following are some of the best budget tips from travelers who live life on the road every day.

Move In

Ditch your house payment if you can. Choose an RV that you feel comfortable living inside and purchase it. Part with all of your excess stuff at a yard sale and move into your vehicle full time. Continue your current job and live out of your RV instead of a home until you’ve saved up roughly $7,000, which can allow you travel up to 14 months without having to work.

Work on the Go

With many campgrounds offering free WiFi and many others looking for on-site help, it’s relatively easy to find a job while traveling. Whether you’re selling arts and crafts, helping out at a campground, taking on handy-man work or blogging online, having that extra income while you’re planted in one place will free up your options for when you hit the road.

Use an Online Budgeting Tool

A huge number of RV travelers live their life on the road on a somewhat tight budget. And that means there are tons of online budget forms to help you get your finances in order. Print off an RV budget sheet (like this one), and fill in the blanks to discover how your income relates to your expenses and how you need to adjust.

Start Your RV Lifestyle at Leisure Time

Here at Leisure Time RV in Oklahoma, we understand the need to budget when living life on the road. And that’s why we offer our top-quality new and used RVs for the lowest prices in the industry. Just log onto our website or stop by our lot in Oklahoma City to browse our huge selection today.

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