RV Living Tips

Whether you are boondocking or camping in an RV park, there are certain tips you should know and adhere to. Some tips are for being around neighbors, others pertain to RV safety and yet others make it easier to store things in smaller spaces.

Before you leave on a trip, you should always check all of the systems in the RV to ensure they are working. If you are not comfortable with checking things yourself, stop by Leisure Time RV to have our techs check your RV’s systems for you. If you are driving a motorized coach, don’t forget to check the engine’s fluids and the brakes.

Campground Etiquette

Keep in mind that your RV neighbors are probably on a trip to get some peace and quiet. Keep your stereo and television turned down, make sure the kids are not bothering others by screaming or by running through others’ campsites, and if you brought your dog, be sure they are not constantly barking. If you leave on a “day trip,” don’t leave the dogs in the RV.

Safety Tips

Before you plug in, be sure the circuit breaker at the outside box is turned off. You’d be surprised at how many people leave it on – which means they unplugged without turning it off. That could cause a huge “oops.”

Make sure all cabinets doors are latched closed. If they open during the trip, glassware, dishes and glass bottles could fall out and break – then you might have to walk over the glass while looking for the vacuum.

If the door latches are not tight, you can always use an spring-loaded rod across the front of the door to keep the taller items from falling out.

Water Conservation

You often see RVs with “crooked” awnings – there is a purpose for this: The rain tends to puddle in the middle and could cause the awning to tear. If you tip one end slightly, the rain runs off. While you’re at it, collect that rain water – you can use it to wash dishes. You could even boil it to use in coffee or for cooking. Be sure to use clean containers for water only. To help guide the water into the containers, use a wide funnel kept for that purpose only.

Use paper towels to wipe any excess food from pots, pans and plates before you wash them. This keeps the dish water from getting too dirty and may keep you from having to run another batch for the same dishes.

Use two dishpans to do the dishes – one to wash and one to rinse. You can then throw the water outside instead of letting it down into the gray water tank. This will keep the tank from filling up too quickly.

Be sure to stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up any accessories you might need for your next trip and to get your RV serviced or checked before you leave.

Image by vastateparkstaff via Flickr Creative Commons

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