RV Motion Sickness

Many of you with a Leisure Time RV will be preparing to hit the road soon for holiday togetherness with your family across the country. For most of you, not only does the bonding time bring you joy, but so does the ride. Unfortunately, for a select few, the feelings are not mutual. The thought of being in a moving vehicle for hours on end is daunting. With your actions restricted, it’s necessary to be overly cautions of your movements to avoid dizziness. If this sounds familiar, perhaps you’re one of those impacted by kinetosis.


This is the medical term for what’s more commonly known as motion sickness. This occurrence is a direct result of the brain not being able to properly process actions that the body takes in. A typical example of this phenomenon would be a passenger in a moving vehicle reading a book. Even though you’re physically in one spot, the movement going on around you confuses the brain. While the reasons are unknown, the impact is perfectly clear to those with symptoms.


The seemingly most obvious way to avoid the upset stomach and dizzy spells would be to not read or do anything that would take your attention away from the road. This would surely help the situation but not necessarily eliminate the symptoms. Reading billboard signs and looking over a map could bring around the same uneasy results. Not to mention watching a movie or playing a game while going down the road. Think ahead and buy some over-the-counter medications such as Dramamine, which will keep you from feeling the effects of the sickness. If that doesn’t work, the best option is to sleep. That will alleviate your body from the confusion and you most likely wake up feeling much better.

Have you noticed feelings of motion sickness while aboard your motorhome? Feel free to share suggestions on dealing with this disruptive physical disturbance in the comments below!

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