RV Tailgating

Cotton Bowl TailgatingA couple of week ago, we had the opportunity to travel about 4 hours south to the largest domed stadium in the world to watch a pretty important game in the college football realm. We’re talking about the Cotton Bowl game where Texas A&M was up against one of our favorite teams, the Oklahoma Sooners. While there we got to meet some interesting people, see some interesting RVs, and get a great view of Cowboys Stadium.

The Atmosphere

Cotton Bowl TailgatingIn our parking lot, there were quite a lot of motorhomes. Almost the entire space was A&M fan territory but a few Sooners fans held their ground. The tailgating process is more than playful jabs at the opposite fans. There’s a real brotherhood amongst those who camp out in support of their teams. The intoxicating aroma that filled the air reserved the best part of the experience. No matter where you went, you could inhale the slow-cooking meats that were being prepared for afternoon BBQ. That’s always encouragement to mingle!

Outdoor Extras

Cotton Bowl TailgatingWhy stay cooped up inside before a big event? If you haven’t used your outdoor kitchen, tailgating would be the perfect reason to start! Being outside, you can be involved in the community feel of the tailgating. With everyone out and about, there are plenty of people to talk to and let sample what you’ve got cooking. Not only is everyone outside cooking, many are also watching TV from the outside set. More and more, RV manufacturers are making it easier to be connected to the activities you love while being outdoors and in the mix.

Even though our team did not take home the glory, we’re proud that they made it that far. Because of their previous success, we were given the opportunity to meet some great RVers and have fond, long lasting memories. Have you gone tailgating in your Oklahoma City RV? Let us know your tips for making the most of your tailgating party in the comments below.

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