RV Types

If you’re interested in the concept of RVing, welcome aboard! There is so much fun that can be had aboard a Leisuretime RV. Oh, the places you will go! Even so, whether you’re just checking it out or are ready to buy your first, figuring out the perfect one for you can be daunting. Below we’ve put together some tips to help steer you in the right direction for miles ahead!

Getting Started

Before you’re ready to buy, there is a lot to take into consideration. How often do you plan to be on the road? Are there little ones that will be accompanying you? Are you looking for an all-in-one experience or something to tow? Do you prefer gas or diesel? These questions are just the icing on a multi-layered cake of preparation. To get a feel for what’s what, take the time to visit our website and search through the inventory. Before you click off though, here’s a quick run through of the different types to give you a heads up to start with.


Let’s start with the biggest and work our way down. If you want the whole package in one vehicle, you might prefer a Class A. This is a solid unit with an exterior that is reminiscent of a charter bus. Next is a Class B, also referred to as a camper van. These are great for solo or couples that use less space. Class C is quite similar to A except the front end looks more like a truck, which offers more sleeping space above the front seats. These everything RVs are great for multiple passengers and carrying extra gear. The Fifth Wheel is essentially what it sounds like by attaching to the bed of a truck. These are the most spacious of the towables. A Travel Trailer hitches on to a truck or SUV and can come with everything or be minimalistic. Towing can make exploration easier when you can park the motorhome and take your vehicle out to discover.

Got any questions about motorhome ownership? Ask below! More experienced in the RVing arts? Feel free to leave your newbie tips in the comments as well!

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