RVing For Easter

As another holiday approaches, RVers everywhere are getting ready to load up and head off towards family and friends. Near or far, this is the best way to travel to any destination any time of the year.

More than just for travel, your OKC motorhome can sustain activities and feasts all on its own! If you’re looking for a new twist on old traditions, we’ve got some suggestions you might appreciate. So get ready to tell your loved ones that you’re trying something new this year!

EasterFood Truck

We’ve all seen them, especially if you are ever in the city. There are mobile kitchens where you can walk up to order food and receive it moments later. Some parks are dedicated to having several trucks for a bit of variety. This year, while everyone is at home cooking and setting tables, take your brood out to a park or a scenic mountain view. You can have Easter dinner wherever you want without having to worry about food getting cold or needing to drive back home immediately. Finding a spot with picnic benches might be a bonus if the weather is good.

Easter Egg Hunt

If children will be with you, having the camper will be an even better treat! Not only can you take them to their personal field of dreams, you can use the vehicle as a place to store and hide Easter eggs! The best idea would be to find a place with lots of trees, bushes, and unique hiding spots and park close enough that placing an egg behind a tire or on a handle would not be out of the question.

Never underestimate the power of RVing for the holidays! Easter is a great time of year to be hitting the highway in your Oklahoma City RV since the weather is getting warmer and flowers are coming into bloom Will you be RVing for Easter? Feel free to tell us where you’re headed in the comments below!

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