RVing in the Movies


From hilarious comedies to action-packed thrillers, RVs make more appearances on the big screen than you may think. And there’s no better way to get excited about an upcoming RV trip than to watch an RV movie. So whether you’re preparing for your next RV adventure or you’re already out on the open road, check out some of these RV-related flicks that are perfect for any rainy day.

About Schmidt

Jack Nicholson is absolutely hilarious in this comedy-drama where a disgruntled retiree embarks on an RV road trip to his daughter’s wedding.

The Incredibles

When you’re in need of a family-friendly flick, The Incredibles is guaranteed to please kids and adults alike. This computer-animated comedy, released in 2004, features an RV that free-falls from the sky into a city and rolls, slides and dodges its way perfectly into a parking space.

Meet the Fockers

In this sequel to Meet the Parents, Jack Byrnes (Robert DeNiro) decides to forego his family’s plan to take a plane to visit Gaylord Focker’s parents, and they travel in their state-of-the-art RV instead.

Judgment Night

This action-thriller film dating back to 1993 features a group of friends who take a detour on a road trip in their luxurious RV. They end up in a slew of trouble including hitting a pedestrian and witnessing a murder.


RV enthusiasts who like comical zombie films will fall in love with this flick featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The movie follows these two hilarious nerds as they travel around the country in their RV and get into some ridiculous circumstances. Not only do they run into an alien near Area 51, they end up taking him in and attracting a number of agencies who want to catch them.

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Image by JD Hancock via Flickr Creative Commons

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