RVing with Kids

One of the best reasons to get out in your OK motorhome is to see what people and places have to offer. Since sharing is caring, RVing gets even better when your kids are involved. Watching them discover the world through their own eyes and hands is exciting. If you’re traveling with older children or teens, there aren’t many extra precautions that need to be taken, aside from having enough DVDs or chargers for gadgets. The extra planning comes when you are taking the really small ones. Here are a few tips for bringing the babies.

Car Seats

If both parents are traveling aboard the Oklahoma City RV, chances are they take up the front seats. When there are small children, this could quickly present a problem because of the lack of seat belts throughout the RV. If you have yet to purchase your motorhome, and you have the need for extra seats, make sure to check each vehicle thoroughly to make sure it satiates your needs. Neither a recliner nor a side-facing seat can be used for a child’s seat because it requires a metal base that connects to the body of the vehicle. Remember, dinettes usually have lap belts; which could work in some situations.


While you’re probably well versed on how the Oklahoma government wants you to restrain your child, you may have a few things to learn about the state of your destination. Proper restraining varies from state to state so be sure to stay in compliance by checking ahead. Also, motorhomes and cars are different when it comes to procedures so be aware. Perhaps a travel trailer or fifth wheel would suite your needs better if a lack of restraints can’t be remedied.

Are you experienced with bringing along your wee little ones in your Leisure Time motorhome? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below!

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