RVing with your Pets

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If you plan on taking your pets RVing with you, you need to choose an RV that not only fits your needs, but your pet’s needs. If you have smaller dogs, then space isn’t a major deal; however, if you have a large breed dog or more than two smaller dogs, you might want to choose an RV with a little extra space.

Extra Space

When you walk through the floor plans at Leisure Time RV, be aware of how much space your dog needs to sleep comfortably. If your dog is used to sleeping on your bed, you might want to upgrade to a king bedroom. If the dog loves to spread out on the floor, something with a living area slide is a must.


As with your home, you have to pet-proof the RV. Make sure lower outlets are covered. Chemicals for the bathroom should be kept in a place your pets cannot access. If your dog opens cabinets, be sure to keep the cabinet latched or locked – or keep any chemicals in a higher cabinet.

If you have a motorized RV, you should have your pet crated or strapped onto a seat. If it is walking around it could get hurt; or worse, it could distract you – the driver – and cause an accident.

Pet Toys and Bowls

This seems like a given, but people may tend to forget to bring the pet’s bed, toys and bowls. Even if your dog likes to travel, it may become stressed that it is not at home in familiar surroundings, especially if you leave it alone in the RV while you run into the store. Your dog’s bed and a few favorite toys will go a long way in easing any stress and anxiety. This means that your RV hopefully won’t fall prey to the dog’s chewing habit.

Leashes and Tie Outs

Always know the rules of the state you are traveling through or to. Most states have leash laws; and some require a certain length leash – no more than 5 or 6 feet. Also, know the states’ laws for tie outs. Some states have outlawed tying out dogs unless they are supervised. Also, you need to ensure that if you do tie your dog out that the tie out is strong enough to hold the dog, especially if you are in a campground.

Stop by Leisure Time RV to look at floor plans and RV accessories that would be perfect for you and your furry friends. Be sure to take size and number of pets into consideration when you are looking at certain models.

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