Saving RV Memories

So much fun is had during each trip aboard your Oklahoma City RV that it’s impossible to forget. Unfortunately, sometimes the joy that has been had is not accompanied by pictorial documentation. Should we just leave it to our memories for the long haul? No! There are many ways to keep record of our times to reminisce on later. Here we provide a couple unique spins on saving RV memories.

Scrap The Book

Blank Shadow BoxWhile creating a book of pictures is a very vivid way of preserving detail, there are more 3D ways of doing so. Enter, the shadow box. These little windows of preserved time are made with depth so that you can include pictures if you want but more so objects. You can capture an entire trip just by what you put in one of these fixtures. Take an RV trip to the beach for example. Favorite shells, flowers picked, a small bottle of sand, menu from the beach side restaurant, a piece of net you found buried, fallen leaves from a palm tree. A trip is more than just sights, it’s about what you find along the way that make it memorable.

Say More Than Cheese

A more technological savvy way of keeping memories is to take some moving shots. Nowadays, most new phones come with video capabilities. This advance means that anyone can make a quick movie of themselves and the ones their without having to buy pricey equipment. Taking spontaneous shots or planned out updates can be a great way to not only relive the time but to share. Maybe you can even start a channel on YouTube about your travels to send easy links to your family, friends, and millions more if you should choose to.

Not only is it nice to be able to look back on our adventures, it’s pleasing to share with others and perhaps inspire a new set of journeys. Do you have a unique way of keeping the motorhome memories together? Tell us your tips in the comments below!

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