Saving Space

One of the exciting parts about driving your Oklahoma City RV is the discovery of new places. Being able to find a small town on the road or uncovering a new mountain to climb is what makes the lifestyle so appealing. A necessary part of the experience is the long stretches of uninteresting road that gets you from place to place. Just as the terrain chances, so does the way the roads are set up. Here we share some tips on how to navigate the foreign terrain.


Just like with people, vehicles need a zone of space to themselves. If you’re driving your motorhome at night, this is usually not a problem. Open roads lead to plenty of space; which can be really beneficial, specifically because it’s after dark. Research shows that when drivers are going at the same speed in groups at this time of evening, it can cause drowsiness. Getting sleepy behind the wheel of a massive vehicle is the last thing you need! Keeping in your own zone will help to avoid this issue.


During the day, personal space can be difficult to come by, especially during peak hours. Even during traffic, it’s important to continue to make space on all sides. Because it takes bigger vehicles longer to stop, keeping a safe distance of at least two car lengths could make a big difference when someone in your lane slams on their breaks. It will also save you the headache of slamming on your own breaks when someone cuts you off due to the belief that motorhomes are slow. Beware of these hurried drivers by keeping a frequent look around, no matter what time of day.

Are you an expert when it comes to learning new roads and territory in your motorhome? If so, please feel free to share your tips so others can learn from your mastery!

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