Set Your Sights on the Airstream Basecamp


As iconic as a motorhome can get, Airstreams are among the best RVs on the road. While the entire Airstream lineup is worth a look, the Airstream Basecamp is a stand-out model for those looking for something compact, lightweight, and eminently versatile.

With everything you need and nothing you don’t, you’ll never feel held back with your Basecamp. It’s towable with a variety of mid-size SUVs, features an aggressive departure angle to make tackling tough roads easier, is fuel efficient due to its aerodynamic design, has large wheels and tires to help conquer tough terrain and cold-weather driving.

Like all Airstreams, the Basecamp blends hard-working features, clean design, and sound structural quality into one seamless package. From the classic aluminum outer shell to the well-appointed interior, the Basecamp’s only limitation is your sense of adventure.

Visit Leisure Time RV Center

If you’re considering an Airstream RV but are putting it off because you’ll have to drive to a different state, put it off no longer! You can get an Airstream right in Oklahoma.

Stop by Leisure Time RV, Oklahoma’s only Airstream dealer, to walk through one of the many Airstream RVs, including the Basecamp, we have in stock or to order an Airstream RV that fits your family’s needs. When you stop by, you’ll learn more about the Airstream’s convenience, entertainment, security and safety features.

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