Slightly Hail Damaged RVs: On Sale for True Adventurers

Living in Oklahoma means taking in the wild frontier as part of your daily life. The open air, the beautiful field and hills.

It’s a state for outdoorsy people, and that’s why Leisure Time RV is here.

When you go shopping for an RV, you might want to consider saving some serious money by investing into a recreational vehicle with some superficial damages. Hail damaged RVs usually sustain enough tiny dings and nicks that they simply cannot, in good conscience, be sold at full price, but rarely take enough damage to do any more than slight cosmetic harm.

You don’t see hail damaged sports cars going on sale very often, because the kind of people who buy sports cars, but who do not race for a living, are people who are very concerned with appearances. An RVer is an adventurer, and every mark on the RV is a memory of some exotic journey or other. Ask an RVer how their bumper got scratched, and chances are there’s a good story to go along with it.

In dog shows, terriers are the only breed that is not marked for points when it bears some visible scars, rather, being a rodent hunting breed, terriers are oftentimes awarded extra points (or at least extra favor from the judges) for the wounds that they’ve sustained in the line of duty.

If you want to look into a brand new RV with no marks on it, then that’s your right as a consumer, but a perfectly shiny, glossy new RV with no dirt on it, no scratches and no marks isn’t the same as a spotless Porsche or Ferrari. On the open road, people expect to see mud around the tires, a mismatched hubcap, and an antenna ball that has seen better days. A totally spotless RV is either brand new, or it belongs to a driver who needs to get off the main highways a bit more.

Come see our used RVs today: take one off the lot and go earn more of those bumps, dings, and scratches!

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