Southeast Alaska

Looking for a really far out adventure in your RV? Consider a trip all the way from Oklahoma to Southeast Alaska.

Alaska is one of the least-spoiled frontiers. Now, ninety percent of this state, you’re not going to want to explore. It’s frozen over and uninhabitable and there aren’t a lot of roads. Southeast Alaska is where you’re going to find just enough civilization to keep you comfortable, but not enough to get in the way of your exploring the great outdors.

Juneau, Anchorage, and Petersburg are towns where you’re going to find some of the last great American frontiersmen and women. People move up here to make money in commercial fishing and working in canneries. Groceries can be a little more expensive in Alaska than elsewhere, since everything has to be shipped in, but people who live up here make a little more money than they can make doing the same jobs in California or Kentucky, as well. Whatever you could make per hour working security in Texas or Oklahoma, you could expect to double it in Alaska.

If you plan on driving your Leisure Time RV to Southeast Alaska, know that it’s not quite what it appears to be in movies and television. It’s not snowy all year round, rather, it experiences all four seasons in spades. Winters are very cold and nights can last more than 12 hours, and summers are very hot and nights can last barely long enough to catch a nap, so if you’re coming around in the summertime, bring some blackout curtains and some shorts.

Fishing for salmon, trout and sea bass, taking in the Northern Lights, boating along the rocky beaches, Alaska has everything an outdoors lover could possibly want. You get an excuse to drive through Canada, and you can take your RV on a ferry to get onto one of the islands. It’s the perfect adventure.

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