Sports For RVers

Getting out in your Oklahoma City RV is already full of great fun and entertainment. Nice sized TVs and plenty of table space for games make any road trip a bonding experience. Even so, there’s nothing quite as nice as the outside air. If you brought a few people along, you’ll be looking for some activities to keep busy with. While there are plenty of sports to be passed around, only some of them fit easily on the road. Here are a couple of our favorites.


This might have been the first one you thought of as well. It’s one we love because all you need is an open area, a handful of people, and of course a ball. No matter how many house rules you apply to the game, almost everyone gets the general concept so hitting the “field” can happen as soon as the idea comes. A great way to integrate it into the RVing lifestyle is to offer related prizes to the winning team. Perhaps there is a coveted seat near the TV or prized recipe to help encourage friendly competition.


BadmintonIf you’re not really into the running and tackling that comes with football, or if you don’t have the numbers to make it successful, perhaps a racquet sport would be more your style. One low maintenance yet lively activity is badminton. It also requires little storage space since all you need is 2 or 4 racquets and an easily condensed net. Don’t take the net as limiting, not only is it quite portable but out in the field, finding two trees to tie it on will be no challenge at all!

There are so many sports around, not including the ones we all make up for fun. Feel free to share your camper favorites to take on the road in the comments below!

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