Staying Fit on the Road

While you are out on the road in your RV, you may be wondering how to stay fit, especially if the weather gets bad while you are traveling. You can choose to exercise inside or outside. Of course, working out inside gives you the benefit of air condition!

While most floor plans you can find at Leisure Time RV are very roomy, there isn’t enough room for exercise equipment. You can still exercise to stay fit without the equipment.

Hiking: If the weather is nice and the area you are camping in has trails, walk the trails. Many trail heads have signs that tell you whether the trail is for beginners or are vigorous. You can choose the best trail for you, though vigorous trails often have rocks as steps or stepping stones, steep hills and long, steep stairs.

Jogging: Most campgrounds have graveled or paved roads. Jog alongside the roads to stay fit. Use a pedometer, GPS or even your tow vehicle to determine the mileage of a certain route.

Knee Bends: If you can’t get out because of the weather or because physical issues keep you from hiking or jogging, you can do knee bends inside the RV. Hold on to a wall or sturdy table to keep your balance. If your balance isn’t that great even with assistance, sit on the sofa, a chair or the bed, then stand. Repeat for several reps.

Airplanes: Rotate your arms forward and backward for several repetitions. Add 2- or 3-pound weights to further tone the muscles.

Toe Touches: Another exercise that doesn’t take a lot of space is toe touches. Keeping your back as straight as possible, bend at your waist and touch your toes. When you stand, be sure to stand up fully and keep your back straight.

Stretches: There are many stretching exercises you can do in an RV. Instead of using a workout machine, find something that is the proper height to do leg stretches.

Pushups: Do regular pushups on the floor or do wall pushups to strengthen your arms. Carrying firewood also helps build strength!

As part of your trip planning exercise, bring your RV to Leisure Time RV for service. Just like you, your RV needs maintenance to keep it in great working order. Make an appointment for at least a week before your trip’s start date for maintenance and to make any repairs required for a long trip.

Photo by National Park Service (Flickr Creative Commons)

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