Storage Saving Tips For Your RV

fensterbme/Flickr Creative Commons

Finding storage space in your RV for a weekend trip – or even a week-long trip isn’t too bad; however, if you are going on an extended trip, you may want to find some extra storage space. You could buy accessories to make additional storage or you could make your own extra storage by using a little creativity.

Stop by Leisure Time RV to pick up storage savers such as under-the-counter coffee pots, paper plate dispensers, under-table drawers or folding pots and cups. Stop by a department store or look in your home for things that could be repurposed for additional storage.

Hook It

Cut a piece of plywood to fit the wall near the RV’s door. Paint the plywood and add decorations to it. Screw in some U-shaped conduit holders near the top for sunglasses holders. Add decorative hooks near the bottom for keys. Not only will this keep your glasses and keys of the countertops, but you are sure to find them.

Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers are handy for more than shoes. Use one or more shorter organizers hung from a suspension rod in the bathroom for extra space. Hang smaller shoe organizers on the insides of closet doors to store smaller items such as hats, underclothing, socks and gloves.

Not Just for Brooms

Screw broom holders to the wall in a convenient place to hold flashlights. You’ll always know where they are should the generator shut off or should the power at the RV park go out.

Ceiling Space

Add broom holders/clamps to the ceiling to store long items such as brooms, mops and fishing poles. You can also add a hanging basket to store miscellaneous items.


Use plate organizers to stand plates up. Attach cups to cabinet doors with hooks. Purchase on over-the-cabinet-door waste basket to keep the trash out of the way and to keep it from spilling. If you have a tall cabinet, install a slide-out organizer shelf with two or more shelves. Since you can pull it out, you don’t have to worry about taking everything in the front out to get what you need if it’s in the back.

Stop by Leisure Time RV today to pick up storage accessories and other accessories you need for the winter camping season – or so you can spruce up your RV for the spring camping season.

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